Sanne De Wolf

Shame (Interractive performance)
Date de presentation: 14 Aout 2013 / 19:00
Aboutissement du travail en résidence (Aout 2013)

" During the residency I want to develop The performance ‘Mercy’ which is programmed for the exhibition ‘SHAME’ due September 28 at Brussels, Belgium.

This performance reflects on the concept of shame, seen from a cultural historical perspective. Ablutions from a century long tradition are used as starting point and binding elements. Their impact goes beyond the here and now and their actions can deeply touch the participants. The psycho-mental space which is created by the performance could include a cathartic effect. The physical and mental processes that are exchanged with the participants during the performance wil be registered and processed. In the weeks to follow the residue (drawings, sound recordings, imprints). The residue of these actions will be developed in a comprehensive installation which comprises textile objects, drawings, ceramics and sound. During this residence. I want to combine my own artistic work and working together with local artisans. I want to use the research and cooperation with the fields of ceramics, textiles and bodypaints. From this joint exercises and the Berber origins of art I want to define and produce appropriated forms of ceramics, tatoos and textile motifs into a performative installation." 39sm.jpg 40sm.jpg 38sm.jpg 29sm.jpg 27sm.jpg 26sm.jpg 25sm.jpg 23sm.jpg