(residency period / dec 17–jan 07 )

Casablanca is so striking with its intense white forms, geometric references and architecture; all emphasized by fierce light and razor sharp shadows.
I am interested in the way geometric patterns are blended into the capitalist modernity here, the urban planning and the space. Being a stranger I am not quite sure what body language to acquire while exploring the city. The apparent lack of women in the streets makes me feel desynchronized and my walks become so much more extraordinary.

My point of departure here was to search for monumentality that exists within the framework of urban environment.
By monumentality I mean a quality that some places or objects might have to make us evoke or perceive something beyond them.

What I am generally interested in, is the power of this monumentality to shape consciousness and collective dreams and the collision between an ideological message of an object or space and personal interpretation.

My work displayed here at the Ultralaboratory is an outcome of my brief stay in Casablanca. I am planning to use the material I have collected here in my further practice and I am very grateful to Rita Alaoui for providing this amazing opportunity. hudcova flyer sm.jpg sm.jpg sm.jpg sm.jpg sm.jpg sm.jpg