Jazmine Russell
"Reality Talks"
presentation: August 19th
(residency: June 30-August 20)

"Reality Talks" is a social art project that focuses on understanding people's thoughts and beliefs about reality, existence, and the way the world works. Lay metaphysical beliefs are strongly shaped by culture and values. Therefore, during the residency, Jazmine will be interviewing several individuals about their conceptions of reality, the relationship between the internal "subjective" experience and the external "objective" world, individual truth, culture, and the interrelations between these topics. She then seeks to photographically capture the embodiment and expression of these perceptions through a series of portraits.

As a final project, Jazmine hopes to complete a book of the recorded interviews, summing up what can be gained from looking into the thoughts and beliefs of each individual. She will also give a presentation and display the portraits in a gallery setting open to the public.

The project and its evolution can be seen on this link: http://www.jazminerussell.com/about-reality-talks/

http://theultralaboratory.com/files/gimgs/th-58_reality 9.jpg
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