Petra Hudcova is a visual artist from Prague
she will be in residency for 3 weeks
December 17 2015 - January 07th 2016

Petra says about her art :
"A monument is a form that I choose as a point of departure. It is a tool helping us to consider precedent experiences and rethink and re-actualize the past. It can encourage engaging with the world. Monumentality is a quality that some places or objects have to make us evoke and perceive something beyond them. I am interested in the power of this monumentality to shape our consciousness and collective dreams and the collision between an ideological message of an object or space and personal interpretation.

The process of my work involves combining various methods and techniques that eventually come together in a final piece that can be a light or a video installation, a photograph, a drawing or a three dimensional collage. In the work I have made within the last several years I have been attracted by abstract geometric shapes and compositions that traditionally refer to non-objective ideals. I find the fact that a piece of work could have an ambition to invoke something sublime fascinating especially within an ideological context."

She also explains what she intends to do while in residency:

"I am hoping to explore geometric pattern-based Islamic art in Morocco and the way it has been incorporated into the modernist architecture of Casablanca. I am interested in the way geometric patterns were used to visually connect spirituality with science and art, both of which were key to Islamic thought of the time. These elements blended into the capitalist modernity of architecture, urban planning and space of Casablanca is something that I would like to be looking at first. "

For more information about her work please visit her website: to sculptures-2 sm.jpg
talking to sculpture of a monument sm.jpg
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