Gaurav Ogale

Artist in residency
February 2015

Gaurav is a visual chronicler and writer from India. His visual journals document conversations, people, cuisines and nostalgic escapades. His works have been featured in several visually driven platforms and publications; The National Geographic Traveller Magazine India, The Wallstreet Journal, Kyoorius Design Magazine, The Dharamsala Film Festival’14, Posterama Singapore, The Times of India etc to name a few.

At a very early age my mother introduced me to the world of spices, cuisine and flavors. It organically got imbibed in my system along with my art which was further nurtured by my teacher and grandfather. My recent degree in Film making seemed so trivial to me since the key intention of being invited to The Ultra Laboratory was to work on something that seemed to be a connect between us; cuisine and culture. Apart from the cuisine explorations; both Indian and Moroccan that we planned to do during my residency, I was carefully curating my visual journals, which seemed to chronicle my stay, the Moroccan cuisine, architecture, people, nostalgia and conversations.

Carnets de Voyages

My project in Casablanca had three dimensions; one was of course the cuisine experiments and hosting meals for the local food connoisseurs, second was visually chronicling my journey through Casa, Marrakech and Rabat and third was something that happened unknowingly- Photo essay of conversations with the Moroccan landscape.

It was strikingly magical to chronicle similarities between India and Morocco in terms of cuisine and culture because the two seemed to be like siblings in two trivial corners of the universe. The spices seemed familiar, the landscapes somewhat identical and the warmth and welcoming nature of the inhabitants- we are so identical.

Carnets de Voyages is a compilation of three visual journals; one big and two minuscule handbound books on Casa and Marrakech. There was no particular theme to these books but it was more intuitive, the words crept in naturally and sometimes they did not. The mediums I concentrated on were more intuitive as well; watercolors and Rotring ink. The little books were pure thoughts bound together with thread and highlighting some architectural nuances; which in particular intrigued me.

It was a beautiful gathering at The Ultra Laboratory towards the end of my residency tenure where people came and spent time with my journals, had conversations with my drawings and spoke with me about their nostalgia and what made them relate to the drawings.

I had always wanted to be an Architect as a kid; it was lovely to discover those dreams finally peeping out from my journals. f.jpg e.jpg b.jpg c.jpg d.jpg g.jpg a.jpg