Morten Frolich
artist in residency (writing)
May 11th - June 10th 2014

Project: White slaves in North Africa 1840-2015

Morten Frolich is a Danish writer. He graduated in Aesthetics and Culture from the University of Aahus and is currently writing his debut novel that he intends to finish here in Casablanca. Morten started working as a full time writer of fiction in 2012. Besides writing he travels.

« I was in my early teens the first time I experienced this effect on my writing. My dad took me on a roundtrip in Morocco. First we visited friends in Kenitra, then
Fes, Meknes, Marrakesh and Casablanca. As I look back, that journey made a mark on my life. The experiences of difference, the notions and awareness of otherness that perplexed and fascinated my receptive soul, has had en evident effect on my later work as an academic and as a writer, not least concerning the novel in question: White slaves in North Africa 1840-2015

The title is inspired by an old autobiographical text of Danish slave Harck Olufs,
who was captured in 1724 and held as a slave in Algeria, until he was released in 1735.

List of publications
March 2012: -­ By Allah I swear; Nordic hybrids -­ some notes on new differentialities
An essay on contemporary intercultural Nordic literature and art. Lettre Internationale Magyar. Nr. 84. Spring Issue.
January 2012: -­Ramón Goméz de la Serna: Greguerías
A pamphlet of Spanish poetry translated into Danish. Published by Edition After Hand.

Selected reviews
December 2008: Tales from a Warehouse.
A review of the novel Stormen i 99 by Kristian Bang Foss, published in the literary magazine Standart.
January 2008: An honest Idiot.
A review of the play Idioten at the Theatre of Aarhus. Published in Metroxpress. Morten small.jpg image 1.png