Jazmine Russell
artist in residency
July 1st to august 20th

Project: Reality Talk

Jazmine Russell is an Applied Psychology student and educational/social-cognitive research assistant at New York University soon to be conducting a project at The Ultra Laboratory.
The project is titled "Reality Talks" and involves a series of informal interviews aimed at discussing with others how they think about reality, truth, objectivity, subjectivity, ambiguity, and how culture may play a role in the formation and expression of these beliefs.

“My intention for this project is to explore the kinds of fundamental assumptions people make about the way the world works. I believe that these notions can be, in some ways, essential to one's identity. My hope is that, in sharing these perceptions with each other, we can come to understand both unique individual opinions as well as relatable human experiences.
I am initiating this project with simple curiosity and willingness to explore any direction. My eventual goal is to capture any themes that arise in conversation and to take a series of portraits, which attempt to reveal these themes photographically. At the end of the project, in mid august, I will hold a presentation to display the portraits of the interviewees, present a book of the transcribed interviews, and discuss the theories and philosophies that have helped shape the project. I would love it if you would consider being part of "Reality Talks" and allow me to share in your perspective”.

If you are interested in being interviewed by Jazmine, please feel free to contact her for an appointment via email at this address: jazminenrussell@gmail.com or theultralaboratory@gmail.com
She will be on site from July 1st to august 30th

if you want to know more about the project or Jazmine as an artist/researcher,

http://theultralaboratory.com/files/gimgs/th-57_Jazmine On Bridge_v2.jpg