Sanne De Wolf
artiste en résidence
Aout 2013.

"Durant la résidence à Casablanca je vais réfléchir sur les concepts du tissu social dans une perspective historique et culturel. En regardant ce qui est présent et absent à l'intérieur et autour de la résidence. J'interviendrai en matériel et de manière non-matériel. Pour moi, ça reste une recherche fascinante à voir des modèles et des tissus aussi près que possible et les recadrer ici et maintenant."

'Sweet Hibiscus', is the installation she realized outside of the residency walls at the anciens Abattoirs of Casablanca.

'Sweet Hibiscus' is an installation constructed 'in situ' from locally available materials. It responds in a playful way to the context of an abandoned industrial slaughterhouse from the beginning of the twentieth century. The installation is made with a minimum of resources and is structured as a work in process. In this installation SDW uses a number of different elements: fabrics commonly used for the upholstering of furniture, dying, knot tying, weaving and linking. The fabrics were on the spot and manually tinted with dye made out of the Hibiscus flower. This organic dye gives the fabric a red-pink patina, innocent and carnal as the appearance of the hibiscus flower which may be referring to the past when these colors where omnipresent in the slaughterhouse. This ritual applying of colors counters the image of another time slot, in which the swinging carcasses of slaughtered animals were transported through the factory. By means of this poetic interventions SDW achieves an appropriation and is transforming this place and its history into an artistic elaboration.

Mouvement Organique 2013

This arrangement has consequently arisen from the previous installation. Here the traversal motion is deployed as a universal movement. Its emergence is developed in the form of different swings. These as well are made from recycled pieces of furniture obtained locally. In this installation passing public is invited to actively participate. The street theater Colokolo is also involved in the implementation of this composition. In the future they'll re-use materials and parts of the installation in their street theater performances. The places it travels too and the transformations the installation undergoes will be documented as part of the process.

Sanne DW est une artiste Belge qui intègre (ethno) - tendances historiques, textures et actions. Elle traduit ces éléments dans les installations et les interventions performatives. Différents matériaux et énergies sont réunis dans sa démarche artistique, la réalisation d'une synergie entre la matière et l'énergie. 6.jpg