Sander Van Raemdonck

Artist in residency
november 30 - december 30 2013

«Durant ma résidence, je me pencherai sur les habitudes des gens vivant et travaillant sur Casablanca. Je suis curieux de savoir comment ceux qui utilisent cette ville font face a son architecture et à sa présence physique...comment les habitants s’adaptent à leur environnement urbain et comment ils projettent leur désirs dans ces changements...»

As an artist with a particular interest in modes of vernacular architecture, or even the subtlest transformations of planned urbanism by the people who live within the urban realm, I will focus on the habits of the people living and working in Casablanca. I’m interested to discover how the users of this city deal with its architecture and its physical presence – what kinds of adaptations they make to their urban environment and how they project their desires into these changes. As we shape our image of the world by manipulating its materiality, imagery itself can become material. In my artistic practice this knowledge leads to architectures of images and visual translations of architectural processes.

Sander Van Raemdonck was born
in 1988 in St.-Niklaas, Belgium,
he lives and work in Brussels. 3sm.jpg 2sm.jpg 1sm.jpg