Mattéo Lonardi
artiste en residence
Avril-Mai 2013


“ When, in 2010, I flew to New Delhi for a 3 months internship at: “The little magazine” I had no Idea what to expect.
The day I started working, the editor of the publication, told me she needed an art database of the artists that had published work on the printed magazine. This said she gave me a list of artists and told me to contact them and take photos of their artwork. I started visiting the ateliers of these people and took the opportunity to photograph and interview them. After 3 months I had gathered a lot of material and discovered that each one of them was telling me something different about the society in which he lived in. In my mind each artist was becoming a symbol for some of the crucial issues present in their environment. After coming back from New Delhi I continued this project in New York, Naples and now here in Morocco. “Artists talks” is a socio-political project where I interview and photograph visual artists. The goal is to address some of the country’s cultural political and social issues through 30 stories of artists. Each story coupled with a portrait composes a puzzle of experiences. This is an attempt to link the personal and intimate to the broader social and collective dimensions within which they function. In this connection I try to be a critical voice but also a stimulating storyteller that conveys the pulsating energy behind individual stories. I visited Marrakech, Casablanca, Tangier and Rabat and met both influential and independent/ underground artists.
I met Rita Alaoui for the first time two months ago. I had her name written on my list of Moroccan artists. When we started talking I grew interested about her work. She was curious about my project and gave me the space where to work on it here in Casablanca. It is always good to work next to someone that can give you a second eye on what you are doing. This project was possible through the help of the Ultra Laboratory and their new residency program.”

the artists’ talks

Mattéo Lonardi, is an artist photographer originally from Italy and currently studying at Colombia University, New York.éo back.jpg Lonardi portrait.jpg