Marija Nemchenko
artist in residency
september & october 2013

"To call myself an anthropologist would be ludicrous; however being an artist allows me to undertake a participatory observation that I can latter transform into interpretational outcomes that will differ from a flat 2D thinking common to anthropological results.
Sometimes a very thin line appears to separate the notion of a tourist, an artist and anthropologist… I could even go as far as defining an artist in a residency as an experimental result of crossing the concept of what is to be a tourist with the cultural function of an anthropologist. Hence, my time in a residency will be focused upon these three particular techniques of gazing, analyzing and interpreting the archaic Moroccan rituals, which often lose their original meaning within the context of contemporary world. Furthermore, through those three different lenses, I intend to explore traditional rites that are appropriated in order to suit the western thirst for ‘exotic and mysterious culture’.

"My starting point – Casablanca – will be a backbone of the residency that will provide me with the fundamental information in order to start my research on site. This fast growing Moroccan city will be a perfect location in order to witness juxtaposition of modern and archaic, civilized and primitive, man and nature that is extremely vivid not only in touristic approaches towards Moroccan culture but also within the everyday life of local people who are encountering an influence of western lifestyle. In order to push the research further I intend to make journeys around the country which will allow me to experience and observe a variety of rites that are preserved and translated into a visual representation."


Marija Nemchenko was Born in 1989 in Lithuania and is currently working and living in London. She attended the Camberwell College of Arts(BA Sculpture '13) and The Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design (Foundation, Sculpture '10). She is part of the Invasion Art Collective and a writes for 'No Bounds' magazine. Her residency project is supported by
The European Cultural Fondation
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